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  • Break the silence to say Chad Smith has moved on from Sabian after 35 years, respect to both parties on how they have handled it.

    Not for everyone but the Holy China will be a lasting memory for many.

    Pearl Masters MCX Bronze Glass
    8x7 | 10x8 | 12x9 | 14x14 | 16x16 | 20x14G | 22x18

    Originally posted by Mike Foreman
    Practice makes perfect. But ultimately, I am living proof that you don't need to play well to enjoy gear. You might be surprised how much enjoyment you can get while still sucking.


    • This is a 2022 update. My cymbals have been changing over the years, but the situation has stabilized now. Here are my current Sabians. This is not likely to change.

      20" HHX Evolution Ride
      19" SR2 Heavy
      18" SR2 Thin (a good crash-ride)
      18" AAX Studio Crash
      17" AAX Studio Crash
      16" AA Thin Crash
      15" SR2 Thin
      14" SR2 Hats (medium top / heavy bottom)
      14" XS20 Hats

      Peace and goodwill.
      Mark Wellman - drummer for Jesus

      "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

      Mapex MPX (snare, )Mapex Armory Sabre (Snare), Mapex Saturn bass drum and toms; Sabian HHX, AAX, XS20, and SR2 ; Evans ; LA Backbeat

      Church Drummers Army