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Zildjian A Custom Rezo Crash

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    Originally posted by aparker2005 View Post
    I'm really wanting to get a 10" Rezo Prototype splash. They sound pretty neat! I've been looking for another splash to replace my 10" A Custom......for some reason I just have not been digging it lately
    I like the 17” rezo crash, It has a nice sound for me and the bell has a bright shine to it. I heard one at guitar center
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      i own a 21 inch rezo ride and a 15 inch rezo crash

      imho, the rezos seemed slightly heavier, and a lil ,stiffer in sound .

      if iwere to replace the cymbals , i'd look in to the a custom mediums

      they are essentially louder a customs , im assuming why they arent around any more , is that zildjian suddenly realized they'd get the same effect by just applying the a.c. hammering effect on medium a's also thats hella cheaper


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        That’s the sad thing about cymbals, some heard greatnesses out of they cymbals and other dislike them.


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          that's actually the great thing about cymbals ,you can customize your sound .
          h3ll, even the SAME cymbals will be different form cymbal to cymbal in the same brand/series