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zildjian sweet ride or ping ride?

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    I was in the same boat only about 2 weeks ago, undecided about those exact 2 cymbals. I don't have a local music store that carries these cymbals, so could only go off reviews and comments on this forum. I ended up with the sweet ride because it was a 'good allround' cymbal'.

    Looking back, it's very washy and my very first impression was "I'm not happy with this..." Since then, it's grown on me. While it doesn't have the ping and bell I would like, i'm constantly impressed by its build-up in songs and it mixes well with my A Customs.

    While I have never heard the ping ride, I would have chosen that if I had my time again. Reason being...I can crash-ride my 18" A Custom, and I miss the solid ping when riding hard. Instead I took the safe option.



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      I’m late to the party here, but I am an open handed drummer. I use a Zildjian A - Sweet Ride in the standard position on my right, but on my left just over the hats I swap out a Zildjian A - Ping Ride or a Paiste Signature - Duo Ride depending on how heavy I need the ping to be.


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        Originally posted by DD_drummer44 View Post
        It depends on your style of music (or what will be used the most). I have a 21" RBDR and a 21" Sweet ride and I use both for worship music at the church I play for. When I want a song to not change too dynamicly, I stick with the RBDR to make the ping drive the music without it building up too much. But when a certain song calls for crazy building, I use the Sweet ride to drive the intensity. The RBDR is heavy, but it's "crashability" is only good for accents (but not used too extensively). The Sweet ride's ping is only noticeable if the music is very soft.
        Same here.
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