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zildjian sweet ride or ping ride?

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  • zildjian sweet ride or ping ride?

    ive been on the market for a new ride. i have narrowed it down to either the ping ride or the sweet ride. im lookin for a nice ping, crashability, and a sweet bell. Opinions?

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    I'd go for the Ping Ride. It won't crash as well as the Sweet Ride but it is much better for ping-ability and has a rock-solid bell. The Ping Ride can actually be crashed rather well with heavy hitting as it is rather heavy and will provide a roaring wash when crashed/played on the edge and has a lot more body than the Sweet ride.

    The 22" A Ping Ride is an amazing cymbal (imo of course).


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      here is the thing with rides. if you want crashability (WASH) you wil get a weaker ping, and if you want a stronger ping you'll get less wash. you cant have both to be exceedingly well. on that note i say the sweet ride. it crashes very well and it has an ok bell and ok ping. its a very washy ride. where as with the ping ride you will get a great ping but a very gongy crash.
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        ^^Good points, but I'd just like to point out that with the Ping Ride (and many other heavier rides) you won't really hear the "gong" sound amongst amplified music/noise. What will come through and be heard is the wash.

        What style of music is your future ride going to be used for? That may help us help you decide which ride would be more ideal.


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          ive been on the market for a new ride. i have narrowed it down to either the ping ride or the sweet ride. im lookin for a nice ping, crashability, and a sweet bell. Opinions?
          As said above, the Ping Ride has more the more definition and is the stronger Ride. Ping Rides are generally not considered crashable in the sense that thinner Rides are.
          Because the weights vary and cast cymbals have their differences from cymbal to cymbal, some will be more crashable than others.

          The Sweet Ride is essentially a Crash/Ride. It makes for a much better crash than a Ping Ride, but as a Ride it will have a lot more build up when you lay into it.

          While the Sweet Rides have grown on me, I'd go for a Ping. I have plenty of crashes that serve as Crash/Rides. Another alternative is to compromise and get a Medium Ride. It's thinner than the Ping but more defined than the Sweet.


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            good point a mediumr ide would be a good medium. not the best crash or or ride but it gives you a taste of both worlds. a fitting MEDIUM between the two
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              i'd take the ping and if you crash it live people will hear it as a crash...that's it. people won't hear much of the sweet ride as a ride though.

              hell, i crash my 21" AA Metal X ride live sometimes and it is nasty by itself, but is downright powerful along with bass and distorted guitars
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                I'd say go for the A Custom Medium Ride or the K Custom Hybrid Ride (although neither of them are options.) Why? Because they crash fairly well, both have strong bells, and both cut through respectably. Check 'em out.
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                  RUDE ride/crash!

                  how about a 20" K? it's a great ride.


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                    I agree with Mastodon91 about the A Custom Medium Ride. I have the 20" model and it would certainly do the job for you. It has good stick definition and the bell is very nice too! I don`t crash mine so I can`t comment on that.
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                      the sweet ride will not have much ping AT ALL! and the ping ride will have hardly any crash at all. listen to the guys above me, try out a medium ride in an A or A custom.


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                        Dont Crash A Ping Ride!


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                          im still undecided...


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                            What's more important to you, crashability or stronger ping?

                            If you answered crashability, sweet ride.

                            If you answered stronger ping, ping ride.


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                              It depends on your style of music (or what will be used the most). I have a 21" RBDR and a 21" Sweet ride and I use both for worship music at the church I play for. When I want a song to not change too dynamicly, I stick with the RBDR to make the ping drive the music without it building up too much. But when a certain song calls for crazy building, I use the Sweet ride to drive the intensity. The RBDR is heavy, but it's "crashability" is only good for accents (but not used too extensively). The Sweet ride's ping is only noticeable if the music is very soft.

                              My opinion: If you have a 18"ish crash, get a heavier ride (Avedis Ping). You can crash ride on the 18"ish crash for now, and you might want a ping ride to get a different sound out of your drumset.
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