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  • **paiste_reviews**

    Let's see if we can get this started. Post reviews of all Paistes you have used.
    - You have to know what you're talking about. Don't write 2 lines about a Brass-Tones ride you tapped in som store in 1996.

    - Don't use this for chatting. PM or rep to give feedback or whatever. Requests are ok.

    - Let's try to write reviews that might be useful to someone. Not like "Omg, the 18" 2002 crash rocks. Period".

    I'm gonna kick this off with reviews of some Paistes I've used a lot. I don't include beginner stuff, unless it's something that might be quite good, like the 505s.
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    Let me start with 2 discontinued cymbals, Dimensions thin splash 9'' and 11''. Both splashes are very airy. Don´t give that crashy sound the sig. splashes have. Listenning to the soundclips on the Paiste site, I´d say they are somehow similar to the Dark Energies, but not thrashy. They are ubber thin, so I play them fairly angled to hit the bow.


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      Paiste 2002 20" NOVO CHINA: The looks of this china was the main reason I checked it out. I've owned one for 3 years now, and I've used it a lot. It's a very, very nice looking cymbal.

      This china can be used at many volume settings. It's actually very, very versatile, but most people think of it as a very, very loud china. And yes it can be loud it you want it to. I feel that it's very easy to control the volume of this one compared to certain other china cymbals.

      The sound is very WARM, WASHY and BRIGHT. It definately sounds like a china, but it's not as SHARP and TRASHY as other chinas, like the regular 2002 china type. I prefer washy chinas over thrashy ones, and therefore, this is perfect. But believe me, when you hit it, it's still got china written all over it! I was suprised to hear how BRIGHT these novos are. I bought the 20" because I actually felt that the 18" was a bit too bright (I've tried both), but that's my opinion, and I know many people love the 18", so you should check out both.

      With the novo design, which was introduced in 1983, people were now able to use the bell on the china cymbal, and still play it as if the edge was turned downward. The bell of this cymbal isn't too loud, and I haven't found a good way/type of music to use it in.

      Overall: A very versatile, washy china. I recommend it to jazz rockers and mainstream drummers as well as heavy metal bashers.
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        PAISTE 2002 20" RIDE: This is a classic cymbal that I've owned for a couple of years now. This is the first ride I'd recommend drummers to check out if they were 2002 noobs.

        This cymbal is often refered to as a rock ride. Yes, Bonham used the 24". This is a classic rock ride, but it's also more than that. I'd use this for jazz, funk and latin as well as rock and hair metal.

        It's got a great stick sound, very "BALANCED". Not very pingy, but it's not a 20" crash either. If you know how to play a ride, you'll find this quite controllable. You can use it for crash riding as well.

        At first, I didn't like the bell sound, but I was really, really into Nicko at the time, so I probably used the wrong ride. Still, I think the bell could've been clearer and louder.

        Overall: A classic ride, extremely versatile, crashable ride that can be used for almost anything, rock in particular.
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          PAISTE 2002 18" CRASH: This might be THE most AMAZING crash ever. It's a classic Paiste crash, and I have yet to hear a negative comment about it. I've owned it for a couple of years. I bought it along with the 20" ride and the 17" crash.

          This is, like the other original 2002s, a great, GREAT rock crash. Paice stuff, Bonzo stuff, Porcaro stuff, Wilk stuff, you name it. But this is, like most current 2002s, also very versatile, and can be used in both heavier and lighter music styles than rock.

          The stick sound is very FULL and WASHY. To me, this is exactly what a crash cymbal should sound like. I don't think it's particulary bright or dark. In my opinion, this is the CuSn8 version of the Signature full crash. It's not much left to say about the stick sound. Oh and it's GREAT. I recommend ALL drummers to check this one out.

          The bell sound is bright. Not a separated character compared to the rest of the cymbal. I actually love the bell sound, but I never use it. This is a CRASH!!

          Overall: Simply AMAZING, FULL, WASHY, versatile crash that should be included in all Paiste setups. A gem.
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            PAISTE 2002 17" CRASH: This one is pretty much like the 18", but it's obviously a bit brighter. It sounds just as amazing as the 18". For a while, I actually liked this one better.

            The 18" and 17" 2002 crashes obviously sound very, very well together. I bought these crashes at the same time, and they've served me very well. The only thing I think could be different is that the 17" isn't really THAT much brighter than the 18". Yes, it's brighter, but I prefer a certain gap between the two of them. However, this is only my opinion, and the 16" 2002 crash is a lot brighter, almost too bright for me, so I'm happy with these two.
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              PAISTE 2002 14" HI-HAT: SOUND EDGE TOP, HEAVY BOTTOM: I've tried TONS of 2002 hats, but this was the only 2002 hi-hat pair avaiable at the time, and I ended up buying it.

              This hybrid could be called a "MEDIUM HEAVY" hi-hat. They are slightly louder and heavier than the 14" 2002 medium hats, but darker and lighter than the 2002 heavy hats. I think they are quite versatile, and since I've used them a lot, I thought I'd write a review anyway.

              These hats are very versatile, and they sound GREAT. They produce a beautiful, sloshy sound when played slightly open. I feel that they produce a sound pretty much like the 2002 sound edge hats, but they're a bit darker, and the chick sound isn't quite as sharp. Unfortanetly, I'm not in a position to write a full review of the SE hats, so I hope someone else will.

              Overall: Great hats, very versatile, between medium hats and heavy hats in pitch and weight.
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                PAISTE SOUND CREATION NEW DIMENSION 22" BELL RIDE: I bought this monster in late 2006. I'm a great Nicko fan, so I felt that this was the only ride I could get if I wanted REAL Nicko sound. I think I'm the only one on this forum who's got the 22" ND.

                This cymbal is a GEM. It looks SO classy and almost scary. I've never tried the 20" ND or regular bell ride, but I've heard that it's quite versatile. The 22" is NOT a jazz ride. It's extremely heavy, and is great for rock, metal and Maiden.

                It's called BELL RIDE for a reason. The bell on this monster is huge. The stick sound is BRIGHT and PINGY. When you tap it, it almost sounds kind of gongy. When hit, this beast shows who's the boss. It produces a pingy sound when played on the edge. It's not very crashable. When played on the bell with the shoulder of the stick, it produces PURE NICKO SOUND. It sounds EXACTLY like on the "POWERSLAVE" record. If you like classic post-Clive Burr Maiden, this is the ULTIMATE ride for you.

                Allthough it might be very loud, this pie can actually be used in moderate volume settings, but I wouldn't use it for anything lighter than rock. Maybe the 20" will do then. I've heard that it's good for blues stuff.

                With the exception of the new 24" Rude ride (I suppose), this ride smokes all power/heavy/-something bell/rock rides, and it's legendary status pwns the rude anyway.

                Overall: NICKO SOUND, RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX.
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                  This is my first attempt at reviewing a cymbal or any drum part so be easy on me

                  PAISTE INNOVATIONS 14" Heavy Hi-Hats [ DISCONTINUED ]

                  After I had used my Pearl hats for more than 3 years it was time for something else. I always liked the sound of the Innovations a lot. I tested the Heavy and Medium next to each other. I felt the Heavy had a darker and lower sound which I liked at the moment (still though).
                  Closed it has an incredibly nice chick sound, pretty loud as well.
                  Half open it sounds a bit less good imo. Not as much sizzle as I'd like but still great for bashing in hard songs.
                  Playing closed while opening every once and then gives a great cutting sound, this is great for accents and stuff.

                  PAISTE INNOVATIONS 10" Splash [ DISCONTINUED ]

                  One of the first cymbals I tested and bought myself. As a beginner I didn't quite know what to look for in a splash sound but now I'm a bit more experienced I can tell something about it.
                  A nice and extremely bright sound with a very short sustain. The sound is not at all dry to my ears, it's very full imo. When hit hard it can be quite loud but it can also sound nice and soft when it's being hit gently.

                  PAISTE DIMENSIONS 18" Power China [ DISCONTINUED ]

                  My first second hand cymbal. This thing is extremely loud compared to the most of my cymbals. Very full and explosive sound, though with nice "ride"-capabilities. Sometimes I'd more call it a crash then a china for it's sound. It isn't as dirty sounding as a china should imo. Nevertheless, this is the best china I have at the moment.

                  PAISTE SIGNATURE 18" Full Crash

                  My latest addition to my cymbal family and I must say the best cymbal I've bought so far. I tested it alongside an 18" 2oo2, 18" Dark Energy and some 18" HHX. This one had the most presence and it sounded the most like the sound I was looking for.
                  Ofcourse, it has an incredibly full sound and a fairly long decay (or sustain), again, compared to my other cymbals. As a crash/ride (beating the **** out of it) it's great too but I don't use it for that purpose. I got a 15" AAX Dark for that . Anyways, it's bell has a less clean sound but it's very cutting and nice for accents.
                  Great alround crash and it has changed my way of thinking about crashes. This is what a crash should sound like and I will always use this as a reference for any further purchases I make.

                  That's enough for now I'll do some more after I've done my homework...

                  EDIT: just a few requests: Sig 14" SE, Sig 16-18" Fast, Sig 19" Power and Sig 21" Full Ride

                  EDIT²: founds some pics I took years ago (couldn't find any of the 10" splash)
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                  - 2007 Reference - OUTSIDE - First pics
                  - 2007 Roland TD-6 KX
                  - 2002 Forum

                  COLLECTION - Reference 14x6.5" - Masterworks Rosewood 14x5" - JEFF OCHELTREE Spirit Of 2oo2 14x6.5"


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                    Paiste 14" 2oo2 Medium Hi Hats: these could be defined as "the hi hat sound you hear in your head when you play imaginary drums." The chick is tight and crisp, and the closed sound is "airy", balanced, warm and clear. The open sound is loud, defined and crashy, with a certain warmth about them. Fantastic pair of hi hats that could be used in any genre.

                    Paiste 21" Signature Dark Full Ride:
                    as the name implies, the sound of the ride is full, dark and shimmering. The ride is easy to open up and is a good crash, especially using mallets to perform a crescendo. The ping is defined and strong and the bell sound is clear and warm. The cymbal also has a very warm, controllable wash which adds to the musicality.


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                      PAISTE INNOVATIONS THIN CRASH 18": I bought a couple of inno crashes 5 years ago. I think it's very sad that these are gone. They were awesome. More people should've looked into them.

                      The 18" thin crash is DARK, FULL and WASHY. A great, great sounding crash. To me, who was used to play 302 crashes, this was a huge change. I loved those innos to death. I still do. They are very, very versatile cymbals. They'd be fit for anything between jazz and pop rock. I'd not recommend them to Aaron Gillespie, though.

                      The Innos were generally dark, and this is possible the darkest one. The bell sound is very dark and not very loud.

                      Overall: Versatile, underrated, dark, washy crash. It was also rediculously cheap.
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                        PAISTE INNOVATIONS 16" THIN CRASH: Pretty much the same as the 18", but brighter. The gap between these two were perfect. This crash has a beautiful sound to it, breathtaking, actually. It didn't hold up as well as the 18" though, but I was into heavier stuff when I used it, so that's the explanation.
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                          Paiste Signature 22" Power Ride:
                          This has to be best choiche for every metal drummer, or anyone who seek a LOUD, BRIGHT ride with LOTS of sustain.
                          I have had this ride for some time now, and I get surprised everytime I hit it over how loud it is.
                          The sound of the body is extremely bright, defined but with an awful long sustain. The bell has the same charchteristcis (wow what a long and troublesome word), it's very bright but still cutting.THIS IS NOT A VERSATILE CYMBAL! Dont ever think about that this ride will fit on the tea-party with the elderly.
                          The ride is awesome for really loud stuff, but it is to bright and long lasting for my liking.

                          How about adding pics? Just a single one of the one you have reviewed, nothing messy.
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                            Paiste Signature 14" Fast Crash:
                            This is one of my favorite cymbals. It has a very bright and glassy sound, due to it's size and thickness this cymbals has a pretty short sustain, and it's not very loud. Thats why it fits perfectly for accents and crashing patterns on, it wont get through the extreme heavy metal band, but fits for almost verything else. I really love it, sounds great with rods and brushes too.

                            I have a pair of 13" DC hats too, but they are so great that they deserves to be reviewed for someone better suited for the job
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                              Ive only played one of my Paistes so heres the feedback on it.

                              24 Giant beat multi use

                              This cymbal is an amazing addition.Its not very versatile but the sound of it makes that ok.If your looking for a huge washy ride sound or a big thundering crash this is the cymbal for you.The bell is preety big of course being on a 24 in cymbal.Its not terribly loud but its preety warm and pleasent.
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