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THE great epic cymbal cleaning thread: a meta-analysis of posts

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  • I quite agree with you but still Neil's drum tech said that he likes his cymbals nice and shiny and if NP said it to his drum tech they better be shiny
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    • I used this thread to clean my Amun's today. I am very very happy with the results and thought I would share.

      Camera phone sucks, but it works I guess.

      (the cymbal is not turning black/dark, just not great lighting)
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      • I tried using Groove Juice, and the cymbal had a lot of splotches after I cleaned it. Is this normal?
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        Originally posted by cinematic sam
        You use a projection ride as a crash?! What do you use as a ride, a gong?


        • Originally posted by Armitando
          I tried using Groove Juice, and the cymbal had a lot of splotches after I cleaned it. Is this normal?
's normal. Because you, like most people...did it very wrong.

          Use Wright's Copper Cream. It's very easy to use, affordable, does an excellent job, is more forgiving, rinses well, and doesn't smell like ***.


          • Thought I'd post a picture of my ride. I used the Sabian cleaner as always. The strange-looking ring around the bell is just because the cymbal is directly under a light.

            I plan to remove the "Ping Ride 20"", I'll post a pic whenever I get to doing that.
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            • Originally posted by yetanotherdrummer
              I have a Zildjian 21" Rock Ride and a pair of 14" Rock high hats that I bought new in 1977.........and I have NEVER cleaned them!

              I always knew that I was the odd man out.
              I rarely clean my cyms, but when I do I like the way they look, and I smile.

              I know drummers (my son for one) that will never clean their cyms, only wipe the dust and crust off. They say cleaning takes away the sound they desire. Take my word for it, he is highly trained and experienced in percussion, live sound mix, and recording in his own studio.

              It's all a matter of taste, and metallic hygiene I guess.


              • Originally posted by dumbid
                thanks man awesome post
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                • i just cleaned some new beats and a ride i got off craigslist that were filthy with bar keepers friend, and it made them look brand new. hope no long lasting affects from it


                  • i just spent 2 hours cleaning my top A rock hihat......

                    i spent half a bottle of groove juice on it with no effect. so i decided to attach it to my lathe and see if i can polish it with wet and dry sand paper...... after 2 hours of sanding its regained its shine....well kinda (doesnt have that A finish, but def looks better than before) but ive lost the ink logos and a tiny bit of the zildjian stamp.
                    should have taken a before shot, but forgot to...but heres the result

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                    • so I have some really really old beat up new beats that I got in the early 90's.

                      any ideas on how to make em shiny again? i don't care about the logos. but the stamp has to be there though. I was thinking of using a ton of Groove Juice on it since I have a bottle, but I read it can get 'addicted' ? HELP.
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                      • I recently had a lot of success cleaning Brilliant Zildjian Cymbals with Meguiars Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner. It removed all the grimy fingerprints, dirt, and oxidation. After which, a non Carnauba sealant was used to protect the bronze. I've had success with Nu-Finish, and Turtle Wax Ice Paste Polish (wax, as it contains no actual polishing agents). The carnauba based waxes tended to yellow the bronze once on the cymbal, which is why I went for a synthetic.

                        The Wheel cleaner did not remove or weaken the logos to my eye.


                        • The "Best" Cymbal Cleaner

                          I have cleaned thousands of cymbals over the years and was always disappointed in the products on the market. I have been using "Mothers Mag Wheel Cleaner" (available at any auto parts store for about $5.75 USD) with spectacular results on brilliant finished cymbals (e.g., Zildjian A Customs, Sabian HHX, etc.). The beauty of this stuff is that it's cheap and takes only about 5 minutes (depending on cymbal size) to make stick and finger marks disappear with a minimum of elbow grease. I use the applier provide with the cleaner, wait about 90 seconds and then rub out with a clean rag. A damp paper towel at the end givers one a brand new looking cymbal and it doesn't take off the logo!
                          Mothers Mag Wheel Clearer isn't quite as nice with grooved cymbals (e.g., K's, K Customs, A's and Sabian AAs') as the residue from the cleaner tends to stick in the grooves. Give yourself an extra two to three minutes.

                          Hope this helps!


                          • Hella good info here. Thx
                            Originally posted by dexplosion
                            Boom stands are for sissies.


                            • I cleaned a few of my A customs a few weeks ago using one of the methods on this thread. I then polished them using Blue Magic metal polish and WOW that stuff realy works well. The only downside is it smells really bad so make sure your in a well ventilated area. I'm going to do the rest of my A customs this weeks so I'll have all of them nice and shiny

                              Hope this helps
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                              • how about wd40 or kerosine on A's, K's, heavily grooved cymbals?
                                i'm in a showband now! weeeeeeeeeeeeee!