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  • Blues ride.

    So Im a metal drummer. But my birth-roots are with stuff like Jethro Tull, Frank Zappa, The Allman Brothers Band, Pink Floyd, etc.

    Well bieng 18 now, my friends thought it would be a good time to settle down for real and play some serious music. I figured, I have nothing special when it comes to metal, and Im not the most accurate with double bass, though I love it to DEATH, but I can flam out pretty well with certain double bass stroke patterns. So to make a long story short, were starting a blues band. My guitarist can cover almost anything from the Allman Brothers I can throw at him, save for a few of the beautiful solo's. So we plan on playing that kind of blues/rock with our own little flavorful add-ins here and there. We just recently finished a shortened version of Mountain Jam, with some separations on guitar, as well as some double bass strokes in tasteful positions during the active moments of the song.

    Anyways... My 20" Paiste Signature Heavy Ride isnt very suited for Allman Brothers style blues. Either would my 22" Meinl MB20 Chris Adler signature ride...

    So what would you recommend for a ride. My crashes will do fine, but this ride thing is driving me nuts!
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    I use my regular Zildjian A rides. 20" medium and a medium thin. One has more stick definition and the thinner one has more wash. I also like my Sabian AA 20" ride. Sounds a lot like the medium Zildjian A.


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      Paiste Giant Beat may be what you're looking for. Or a Sig Full / Dark Full ride


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        For blues it's fun to have a crashable ride, so I would say look for something med-thin to medium. And a rather darker ride would suit good too. When I play bluesy stuff I use 2 rides, a K custom dark ride and a rehamered avedis ride. I recommend you to test some cymbals, and just go with a ride that sounds good to your ears.


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          20" Signature Flanger Ride...
          Want to buy: 14"x14" (legs), 16" x 16" (legs), and/or 16"x18" (legs) Starclassic B/B FT in Lava Glass Glitter. Also looking for 20"x22" (no mount) Starclassic B/B Kick in Lava Glass Glitter. I'm open to other finishes.


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            As or Ks. one of those 2 is probably what was originally used in those days by these particular bands.


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              Originally posted by Tusk1
              Either would my 22" Meinl MB20 Chris Adler signature ride...
              Just a small note...

              His sig ride is a 24", not a 22"...
              My bands:




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                I would have to recomend the Istanbul Agop Alchemy Sweet Ride, sounds close to an A, but has a very nice dark trashy sound with it. Its really hard to describe but it just screams blues and funk and RnB.