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  • cracked cymbal...

    hey i cracked my aax plosion crash. I asked a bunch of drummers what to do and they told me sabian would not exchange it since it was 2 yrs old and that i should a half cricle around the crack, wich i had my dad do (hes a mechanic) and he did a nice job, the cymbal is saved and is still better than any xs20 cymbal but it doesnt sound as good as it did before. what should I have done instead of cutting it? or was it the only thing to do?

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    I would have contacted sabian, maybe through your dealer before you cut it. Who knows they might replace it.
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      Of course you can't expect a cymbal to sound the same when it no longer is. When you crack a cymbal, it sounds no longer the same, so while doing something about the crack will stop it from progressing, it won't restore the sound, when there's bronze missing. Cutting was the smartest thing to do on a crash, drilling is better for rides and small cymbals.