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Need 8” Tom with black hardware

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  • Need 8” Tom with black hardware

    Does anyone have an 8” Tom with black hardware they would sell? Pearl said it would be 6 months and over $400

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    Still checking the thread every few days, if anyone has one available


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      i have a 8 inch Tom with Black Hardware I believe i purchased off the reverb. Mine is a Vision Birch' and I am very happy with it. The Vision Birch matches my Pearl "Soundcheck" Starter Kit. ( wine red) My in house studio kit is a Pearl "Reference" and I added the 8 in Vision Birch to the Reference' kit. I wish it had all the Chrome hardware as the big kit drums. I just couldn't see the 400.00 dollar difference in price for chrome hardware and the Reference' name on a 8 inch Tom. I would hit all the sites and outlets....whats that place up in the state of Maine..." 'Drum Center of Portsmouth'
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        I often help folks try to find unicorn items; but you didn't tell us what kind of shell you need, what kind of finish you want to match, or what kind of hardware you want. Without that info, we'd just be guessing. But since I'm a helpful guy, here you go:

        Pearl Vision 8" tom with black hardware


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          Thanks for the reply’s, I’m looking for a Crystal Beat, Ultra Clear with Black Hardware though


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            Ahhhhh. Well, that there is some useful information.