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  1. Now that's funny, we are doing the same thing except it's a male and female singer. Got them last weekend. Finding decent people these days in Sydney isn't easy. We have been looking since last September. Glad to hear you'll be gigging again. Does your band have a website, YT channel?
  2. Hi Anne, All is good!
    Currently working in a new singer, gigging again from late Feb. How's your band going???
  3. Hiya Grant,

    How's it going? Yeah, i tend to float in and out of PDF...hehe! I hope you had a good xmas. :-) How's your band doing?

  4. Hi Anne,
    Back in the land of the PDF I see lol
    How's every littel thing?
  5. Yeah I know what you mean about the back at school thingy!
    It's all good, I seem to have an affinity with some people on here.
    And yes it is good knowing who you're talking too lol
  6. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for being my "friend" lol

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