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  1. Wow, you did really well! That's a fantastic deal. Nice one.
  2. Result - sold the 18" crash for 75 this evening! Granted I'll only see about 62 of that (postage, ebay/paypal fee's etc) but still, not too bad. Taking into consideration fuel costs, postage, ebay/paypal fee's etc, all in I reckon it's cost me about 135 for the 10" A Custom and 20" K Custom - which isn't bad considering the last three K Customs sold for 160, 160 and 195 (granted, the last one was SUPER mint), and the last 10" A Custom sold for nearly 50. I loves me a bargain!
  3. He offered me 40 for an XS20 16" crash and 50 for XS20 hats. I'm waiting for a reply about a avedis china. So meh. I just bought some sticks from him though, and he's a real nice guy. You should definitely get more than 50-60 from him though...
  4. Good call pn Graham Russell - I've bought from him before (my Rocket Shells snare came from him) but never thought of selling to him. Hopefully he'll pay a decent amount; he's expensive enough to buy from!
  5. Ah, excellent! I'm really glad that you got what you're after, and glad I could help. You should get at least 50 for the crash. If no one bites on ebay or whatever, trying asking how much Graham Russell would give you for it... It's a good deal you got there, anyway.

    Yeah, good luck with that elusive 8" tom mate! I'll keep my eyes open for it and an 8" splash too. Enjoy your new cymbals!
  6. He sent me some pics of them today - seem to be in pretty good shape; logo's fading a little on the K ride and a bit more on the A Custom splash, but the A Crash seems to be more or less mint - all in need of a clean. I offered 175 the lot, he said if I can up it to 185 they're mine. So I'm going to collect them tomorrow evening I'll flip the 18" A Medium Crash, hopefully get more than 50 for it, so that will offset the cost a bit, and I was after a 10" A Custom anyway (just means I've now got to find a cheap 8" A Custom too!!!! LOL)

    Thanks for the link pal, I appreciate you thinking of me and my quests - now find me an 8" CZX tom, haha!
  7. I should think that he might sell the ride for 100 if he'd split them... It's a good price whatever you do.
    I'm glad this is it. Good luck!
  8. I'm gonna ask him for pics, but it sounds like it! More than I wanted to spend, but I am also after a 10" A custom and I guess I could sell the 18" Medium crash. Thanks pal!

    That's not what you're after is it?
  10. Pleasure, I hope it is the right one!
    Glad I'm of use.
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