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  1. Where you been Nelson? Drop by and tell us how you are!
  2. Check out my Visitor Messages in my profile!
  3. Check out those WOT Picts again Nelson!
  4. Hey Nelson! Could you tell new member Scatz where the best drum stores online are for Canada? He's looking for a 13" x 10" Mocha Tamo MCX Tom.
    Hope you have a great day!
  5. This new member posted picts of some hot cars in my thread. I Know you'd love them because you're an adreneline junky too! How ya doin and check them out!
  6. curiously,it started to get better the night we PM'ed. i lol'ed hard at your ER advice because there was a newspaper article a day ago about 48 hours wait in ER's in all the city hospitals with peoples on stretchers everywhere... i lol'ed so hard at that , it might have unclogged something in my system. i slowly get back into practice, i'm gonna ride my bicycle this afternoon. cheers my friend, you're a great friend, i appreciate your presence on this forum. you and marv are in my heart forever lol.
  7. You sound like you feel better! did it go away?
  8. Better go see your doctor again or to an Urgent Care. You must have been misdiagnosed. ER's take too long but they specialize in diagnosing different diseases. It could be pneumonia. Finish your antibiotics but go back to a doctor; ok good buddy?
  9. trust me, i don't feel like a drummer. i'm still nursing this damned thing ,haven't touched a stick since 10 days , i still don't feel great .i'm gonna finish the antibiotic treatement on tuesday, but it still weak and don't feel ok enough to really play. i cancelled this week end rehearsal with the band, i just don't feel like it at all.
  10. How ya doin and where have you been? Give me your e mail address and I'll get your real address and mail Paul's Mitch Mitchell book when I get paid; 4/25/2012.
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