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Conversation Between Drumming-4-Life and MCXMochaTamoMadden

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  1. Thanks! Glad to be here. Thanks for accepting my friend request, you look like you've been around the block a few times, have good taste, and good drumming advice. Cheers!

    I have been playing Pearl for a long time, starting with an Export that is still in the garage. I beat that thing up mercilessly and it is still rocking. This MCX is blowing me away now. I want to throw some Aquarian Texture Coated single-ply's on the toms and a 20" Superkick I on the bass and go to town. I am amazed at the sound even with clear ambassadors on the tops, a bit too high pitched for my taste, I like warm coated heads, but the shells rock! Stoked!
  2. Welcome to the forum!
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