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  1. You can tune them higher, but they choke much faster than concert toms that are very shallow. If I order a new kit, the highest concert tom will only be 2 or 3" deep!
  2. Yeah, I love that finish, and the heads were stunning. The sparkle burst is not too different, google it. I still haven't seen it with my eyes though.

    Couldn't you tune up the octos? Mine go pretty high if i want...
  3. Hey Justice! What is RSB? That finish was Red Sparkle Fade. I don't know about Red Sparkle Burst... I don't know if they are the same. Those drums were beautiful, but the sizes were all wrong for me, the gong drum didn't play properly, and the octobans were too low in pitch.
  4. Hey man, is this finish the same as the RSB? Looks great anyway, wish you still had these drums!
  5. Very cool profile page you designed here!
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