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  1. The Gators have a bye week. Good thing. Their QB doesn't do well under the pressure of the red zone. He sprained his knee against Miami last week. Their back up QB transferred. So now the back up is a true freshman. The SEC schedule is tough. They play the Vols next week.
  2. Pat Reily was a Laker Coach for quite a while. I've always liked him and he is a winner! Hope your new cymbals are perfect!
  3. I had a lot to do with it. it's always nice when a hometown team wins. The rest of our teams are pathetic. The Marlins have had two world series wins and both times they sold off the team. They want the fans to be loyal, but all the owners care about is $$$. We should know in a week or two if all of the Heat will be returning. Pat Riley was a genius when he assembled the present Heat team. Players took less money to play on a stacked team. I can't think of the player's name, but he was the catcher and team captain of the Marlins when they won their last World Series. He was making like 5 mil and another team offered him 7 mil, so he left. My new cymbal will be here Friday. I'm not adding any more to my kit. The last 5 cymbals I got have just replaced existing bronze. I use those 5 with my RT's, which my son is presently using. About two years ago I sold 7 cymbals that I wasn't using. When all was said and done, I only lost $15 on the 7 cymbals. Not bad.
  4. Congrats to you on The Heat's World Champion Round ball team Marv!
  5. Lonny, I haven't had a visitor message since January. All is well. I think the FBI is going to catch these idiots real soon. Then some swift retribution.
  6. Hey Marv! Long time no see!
  7. College sports are great. Almost every school has a basketball team. The tournament levels the playing field. Gators lost to Az on saturday. They blew a 6 point lead with one minute on the clock. They're still in the top ten with a lot of games left to be played. I'm not very good a picking my brackets come tournament time.
  8. You got me into College Sports and at a great time! Lobos play State (Aggies) tonight in Los Cruces. We sure beat them sunday here!
  9. Very few of my neighbors speak English. I loved Western Civ; High School and college. Political science was ok. I took a lot of Philosophy which they considered as Social Studies. I couldn't get into American History at the Institute (Freshman college Level). I don't know if it was the teacher or the subject. You should come out here after the holidays. This sound law could get my bass player to grab all of his stuff and move it out! I'm very sick of him!
  10. Thanks for the rep. I'm not very good about keeping up with it, but I try. One of my biggest regrets is not going to law school. Two of my favorite courses to teach were law studies and American government. US history comes in third. We're going to win this one. I thought of one more thing. Write a short statement to the effect that "I am a neighbor of Lonny Shipp. I reside at (state address). I have no problem with Lonny and his friends playing music at reasonable hours of the day.
    Have your neighbors sign it. It's all part of our comprehensive case.
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