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Conversation Between pearlygates and Pearl MCX man

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  1. I have EC2's so how much thicker do you think I should get LOL. I will just have to take criticism the best I can and not take it personaly. So let's forget about it and go on. Peace pearlygates.
  2. Well, I am sorry man. Not everyone likes everything everyone else does.. That's cool in my opinion. I guess you really have to take it with a grain of salt. You may not like my kit, or my reso or my choice of sticks, say so. Differing opinions are okay by me. We are individuals.

    You are gonna need to get some thicker skin to survive these boards. I'm sorry you took it as an insult. It wasn't meant that way.

  3. Yes I deleted my thread and Yes it is because of you and your comment on my reso. You were the second one to bash my reso so I figured delete and it ends right there.If you feel bad about it then it is too late the damage is done. I take this kind critictism personaly. I left a drum forum because of people bashing each other and I come here and within 5 post I get attacked. Anyway just watch what you say to people cause I know it is no big deal to you. I hope someone insults one of your post and see how it feels. I forgive you but I won't forget you.
  4. Wow dude.. You deleted your thread! I hope it wasn't because I said I didn't like your bass drum reso! Your drums are cool!!!
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