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  1. Could be - I'll ask for a couple pics. Good work chap
  2. Oh, haha! I know the feeling. I never want to pay what something's worth!
    80 for a hhx ride... Hehe. 45 for a K crash... Oh well, if you don't make an offer, you'll never find out!
  3. Thanks! I've got my eye on one, just depends if it stays in budget - none have so far (mainly cos I'm not willing to pay what they're worth!)
  4. Yeah, i've seen your rack. Great deal, and looks great!

    And ooh, okay sorry. If i do see one, i'll let you know though!
  5. Well some you win, some you lose! I recently got a massive Gibraltar rack set up; more clamps and bars than I actually need, for 150 and he delivered it to my door! Not bad considering he wanted closer to 300 for it!

    That ride isn't actually what I'm looking for - thats a Custom Medium Ride, and I'm after a Custom Ride - which is a big, thick, heavy ride, unlathed in brilliant finish. I did see that one, but on ebay, not Gumtree. Thanks tho!
  6. Haha, I tried your bartering method on a hhx stage ride. I offered him 80. I got 'haha'in return! Oh well, you never know until you try!

    Oh and I found a K custom ride, i've seen you say you want one... I'm sure you've maybe seen it already though.
  7. Sounds like a plan! I think myself, i'm pretty open minded, i haven't found a company that does averything for me yet. (then again, i havne't played every model by those companies...
    My friend's got the 14" mastersounds, and they're lovely!
  8. Not TOTALLY against them, but I've always preferred Zildjians. I did have a couple Sabians (17" AA Med Thin and a pair of 13" HH hats) at one point, but they weren't what I was after... I'm looking at probably getting a pair of 13" A Custom Mastersounds to put on the left as main hats, move the Dyno's to aux and keep the New Beats on the remote, but maybe with a new, heavier, bottom cymbal for a bit more bite...
  9. I thought you'd say that. I didn't recall seeing any sabian's in your setup.
    Oh and hi hat wise, yes i know they're not the BEST hats, but i'd recommend the sabian xs20 rock hats. Or are you completely against sabian? Those hats are great value and great all rounders. Meh, i was going to post that on your other thread, but didn't so i'm saying now!
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