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  1. Hope everything is good! Your drums sure look fine!
  2. Happy Birthday E Man! Have a Blast!
  3. How you doin? Miss your input and perspective! Be Good to yourself!
  4. Happy B day E man! You're young still! Celebrate!
  5. Are you 2 on vacation? Road Trip?
  6. Are you 2 on vacation? Road Trip?
  7. Did you get any of the Dana Garvey videos playing drums, being Garth, and being Church Lady in the General Drum Discussion Section? If you want some laughs.............. He's quite a drummer too!
  8. Don't even trip my brother..... It's all good !!!
  9. I'm trying to get these guys off their buts to vote for your kit. You're actually still in the running with lots of time left. Didn't mean to offend you at all. I usually try to be funny and sometimes it backfires. Sorry Bro!
  10. I think you have a good chance! Your kit (got my vote) was only closely approached by Big Daddy Cool's; but his wasn't Red enough and it's a ludwig. Those were the kits before Pearl came out!

    Good luck buddy! Happy May Day!
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