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Conversation Between Fat Sam and jamie Patterson

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  1. Cheers man
  2. Its ok mate, I appreciate your honesty.

    Have fun getting your Byzance
  3. Bad news,

    Whilst going over my cymbal I realised that there is a crack that has started to form half between the bow and the bell, pretty gutting, sorry about this man.

    Good luck finding the right cymbal matey,

    Fat Sam
  4. Okay, sweet man.

    And don't worry, I will definitely get some use out of it for a fair while as I don't see my bike selling too soon, I'd just rather be honest I'll take some pictures after I've practiced and put them up tonight, but they'll have to be inside because it's pissing down here at the moment, but what do you expect, this is Britain aha.

    By the way buddy, it says you need to clear your inbox, it's full
  5. Hey dude, I have a propersition for you. That you will like hopefully. Was checking out your kit (check your rep) and noticed you had a 18" AAX-Plosion Crash. Which I am looking for. Now I have just dropped 1500 on a Tama Starclassic so I am a tad skint but what I do have is a Zildjian 18" K Custom Fast Crash that is in perfect condition that I have barely used (the part I thought you would like). If you think this sounds dodgy as in why would I swap a K custom for a AAX, it's simple the shop I work at and get all my gear don't have any 18" crashes by Sabian, and if I wanted to trade my cymbal I would still probably have to fork out some money to get it if I went somewhere else. If still in doubt and you wanna know I am not a tool, talk to forum member "FarFromTheTruth" I just sold him a snare, and sent it to him in Australia.
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