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  1. In regard to your question about me using the ax25L vs. the ax28, using the ax25L gave the stand better balance, and it also looked nicer.
  2. Was there any particular reason that you use (what looks like to me) the AX 25L vs. the AX 28 to hold your cymbal arm on the stand that holds your two rack toms above your snare?
  3. Thanks man. Here's a link to a thread with a bunch of pics of my kit.
  4. Hey just saw you post in the latest racks vs. stands debate. I finally figured out why I like your kit so much. It is a rack but has a much more minimalist look about it with the thinner pipes of stands being used. Is there a post where there are more pics of your kit. Or if its not to much trouble could you send some to me! Thanks.
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