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  1. woooord! thats exciting!
  2. chiiilll. i'm the only one in my band who listens to heavier stuff, but our lead singer listens to a bunch of underground rap/hip hop hahaha along with super indie stuff. if you ever need a venue in Souther California, give me a holla nd i'll get u the number for a few great venues.
  3. our singer listens to the same stuff. actually, most of us do.
  4. i shall. yeah studio work is a lot different than anything u do by yourself. it takes a lil to get used to it... but the end product is worth it.
    i listen to indie rock, alternative ish bands like Cold War Kids , Silversun Pickups, MuteMath , a lot of different stuff, and some hardcore and deathmetal kinda stuff,
  5. what do you normally listen to?
  6. become a myspace friend. we looked through contracts today. i still cant mention names, but they want us in the studio next week. it will be done professionally, should sound 1000% better than what we self produced
  7. WOW niiiice man! After by bands last show, Surf Dog Records was talking to us about getting into the studio and talking with them, if we were serious about music! i'm 18 but the 2 guys in my band are just turning 17 this year..
    i listened to your myspace, and i like how u guys sound alot! i dont normally listen to that genre of music, but i liked it.
  8. looking through contracts tomorrow....
  9. yeah i've seen em sweeet finish on that kit. ur band might get signed?!
  10. thanks man. ive got some better pictures, minus my new Z3 17"
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