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Conversation Between JY Kelly and space jeff

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  1. hey bud, you know I think you're a good dude and I'm not the squealing kind but I was making a point of the hypocrisy of the mods here letting people use "Jesus Christ" as a curse word, yet I get banned for expressing my opinion, no cursing involved. I mean, ****... they've even blocked out w-a-n-k.
  2. I tried to respond to your PM but it says you've exceeded your capacity, so I'm posting this here.

    Sure man, send me some pics and I'll give you some ideas. I'm a member of various woodworking forums so if I don't have the answers myself, I can get them.

    If it's all going to be sold, would you be interested in doing a deal for a snare if there's something there I like/need?


  3. happy birthday bud.
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