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  1. Hi Derrek,
    My name is David Herd and I just purchased an 8 pc. Masterworks kit with a rack, all hardware, and the Demon Double Pedal. I have an issue regarding the 20 ply snare I ordered with the kit. If you would look at the Masterworks Blog you will see the message I wrote to everyone about this issue. I just want to know who I can speak to about it to get something fixed. Please read the thread on the Masterwoks Blog titled Masterworks Reference Spec Snare Issue. This will explain my situation. Like I said in the thread, my kit will ship in another month or so and I believe this can be done before it ships. I've spent almost $10,000.00 on this kit and I hope that Pearl can make this happen for me.
    Thank You, David Herd ( [email protected] )
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