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  1. Dude, you can seriously take your holier-than-thou attitude and jam it where the sun don't shine. I don't need you or anyone else playing nanny or wagging your f***ing fingers at me, you self-righteous arse.
  2. at least I'm glad to hear it wasn't unexpected or sudden. It seems pneumonia creeps up on a lot of older folks, especially if they have other troubles already. My mom just lost a really good friend to cancer last week, terrible thing. It comes for us all in the end.
  3. Thanks bud. It was a slow decline to dementia, but at the end it was pneumonia that did her in. She fought it though. It was a nice ceremony at the crematorium yesterday - we are going to bury her ashes beside her mother - like she wanted.
  4. hey bro, just got another junk email from your hotmail account. It's on the junk filter now and I think I still have your gmail if I need it.

    Just wanted to let you know.
  5. hey bud, I think your email may be hacked is I just got an email from you for a Viagra website. I'm guessing you didn't send that on your own!

    Might want to check that out, dude.
  6. break the cycle is even worse.......but yeah, fillipino drummer is being particularly whiny......
  7. bro, is it just me or are "philipino drummer" and "thenpg" a pair of whining little beeyatches?
  8. done mate, got some space for ya!
  9. hey bud, I tried to PM you back but your inbox is full. Make some room!
  10. no, he didn't send me anything. would you mind sending me the PM about me or paraphrasing what he said? I think we've got him on the run
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