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  1. It's hard when a pet dies or you have to depart. My dog is about 12 years old now so he's getting pretty old. My oldest cat is only 3 and the youngest is not even a year old yet he is 6-7months. I named him Alaska because of his fully white coat :P
  2. My Dober Chow had long hair, curly tail,and black tongue like a chow and she had the Brown and black markings of the dobey. She also pinched the rotweiler's face when she didn't feel like playing ( she was about 8 years older). One of the dogs next store sounds like mine when she barks and so I feel like she's still here.
  3. Wow a Doberman chow! They are beautiful dogs. I love the rottweilers although I have always been more fond on the pure bred Doberman.
  4. I have a rotweiler. The dog I had before and during the rot (until 2 or 3 years ago) was a Dober-Chow! She was the best dog I ever had! she could almost speak English and was incredibly smart. I'm now attatche to the rot but I would never acuse her of being smart! LOL!

    I'm very allergic to cats but I can talk to them outside.
  5. Hey Lonny we do have scouts down here although I was never involved with the groups. I have one dog(Border collie) and two cats. Would love to have more animals but it isn't a option right now One of my close friends was in a scouts group and at times I do wish I got involved as he has told me some great stories and experiences.
  6. What pets do you have Benji?
  7. I just read that you're studying Wildlife. I love dogs! I would like to have a wolf! Forestry as well I do believe. I spent a large portion of my youth camping in the forests here, Az., and Colorado. I was an Eagle Scout. I don't know if you guys have Boy Scouts.
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