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  1. Cool! I'm planning extending my recumbent stationary bike sessions today.
  2. Good to be back!! Yes, I am still doing Ironmans!! LOVE it!!
  3. Good to see you here! Hope you've been well! Still doing Triathalons?
  4. I really don't want to go backstage except to check out the equipment. What could I possibly say? "We're not worthy; We're not worthy! Wayne's World Party Time Excellant!!"
  5. Check the Eric Singer's New Masterworks Kit thread!! I'm pulling for ya buddy!!!
  6. Are you going to Nashville for the Kiss Show? My bassist and I are going to take it in in El Paso!!! Can hardly wait!!
  7. No; Please keep your friends and just trade kits with me!!! If you'd like to; jmho!!!
  8. How come you got better drums and more friends than I do? Stefan Ray "We're not worthy; we're not worthy!! otflmao!!!
  9. It means that the world KNOWS that you're super cool!!!
  10. Went again to Pearldrummersforum on google and to the right your profile showed up again!!! It came up as my cursor slid over to the right and said; "Check out these popular sites; your profile right there as one of them!!
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