View Full Version : cymbal shape

02-07-2003, 06:34 PM
can some body here tell me exactly what the shape of a cymbal does to the sound. id like to hear more about a ride, like what does the bell size, the bow, and the diameter do?

02-08-2003, 03:46 AM
Well the problem is several factors go into affecting the sound, not just the shape, the lathing and the hammering affect the sound quite a bit. A high profile cymbal...how to explain this....the downward slope from the bell or middle of a cymbal, tend to have brighter more bell like sounds when the slope is high, while a low profile, is usually darker sounding, there are some extremes to this rule however... a totally flat cymbal will sound bell like if thick enough. The bell usually controls overtones, a big bell projects out, while a mini-bell ride will be dryer, a no bell ride is even quieter and drier than a mini-bell. Again this varies from cymbal to cymbal due to hammering, and lathing. Typically what makes a ride cymbal a ride cymbal is a heavier weight, and more of an even profile(cymbal stays closer to the same thickness from the bell to the edge), a crash has more of a taper going from thick to thin, and generally are basically thinner than rides. Hope that gives an idea, there really is no set standard for how it will affect your cymbals, a K with a high profile, can still sound darker and lower in pitch than an A with a lower profile, and computer controlled hammering, even if the weight is similar.