View Full Version : 50th anniversary snare drum!!!

01-30-2003, 11:17 PM
Hello, i recently get a brand new 50th anniversary limited snare drum (number 1010) and i'm pretty happy. I'm only want to know what i have to do to preserve it in the best conditions, i mean what kind of oil i can use?, i can use the cymbals cleaning creams or that would damage the gold plated parts?. The snare drum was in my local pearl dealer from 1996 in the same factory box so when i opened i find a little bit of corrosion in the parts that are in contact with the wires that are attached to the snares, it has a blue color and when i tried to clean it, i find that was very hard to get it out......how i can fixed. Please help me!!! because i want to have this snare drum forever in the best conditions. thanks!!!