View Full Version : Bad News, Good News

01-29-2003, 09:18 PM
Recently I posted a thread to let my fellow forum members know about what I think is a great deal if you're in the market for a Brass Sensitone snare:


My drum came today, but was damaged; the bottom hoop was bent in at a tension lug, making the drum unusable.

I immediately sent out two e-mails: one to the seller, one to Gene, to see if the drum could be repaired incase I had trouble returning it. After all, we all have heard (or suffered through) various horror stories with e-Bay.

My reply from this seller, James Meadows of Viewtop Vintage Drums came back right away, and told he me I could return the drum; he'd send me another, and open the container (the drums are factory sealed--the Real Deal, as advertised, by the way), to ensure the drum was OK before sending it, to guarantee I got a good drum. A very reputable seller!

Gene also wrote back right away, to let me know what to do to see about having the drum repaired if needed.

In both cases, I was reassured that I was dealing with trustworthy people and products. Tonight, I sleep with BOTH eyes closed!

These classic Sensitones are great. Don't hesitate to use this seller, if you think you'd want to invest in such a drum!


PS--The drum is superb. The seam is blended so thoroughly that for all intents and puposes, the drum could be considered to be seamless. This is pretty much a Black Beauty, without the paint, and crappy throwoff... For $200.00!