View Full Version : Nice day random pic.

05-06-2021, 10:58 PM
Was bored the last few days so have been switching the kit around, walked into my office today and couldn't help but take a pic :) 520980

05-07-2021, 05:35 AM
Man, a clear kit has no business glowing that much. Sick set of drums, dude!

dale w miller
05-07-2021, 05:39 AM
The lighting makes it.

05-07-2021, 06:34 AM
The lighting makes it.

as does the rack design.

05-07-2021, 06:36 AM
Sweet rig! Love the KISS inspiration too : )

05-07-2021, 10:13 AM
That is one eye catching kit. I’m not usually a fan of racks, but yours is amazing. I really think you should enter that kit in Modern Drummer’s Kit of the Month.

05-07-2021, 11:38 AM
Man... that rack. :cool:

05-08-2021, 04:59 PM
Thanks! The rack I have been changing around a lot. Lots of different ideas keep coming up, I still have more coming on order so this keeps me busy in the meantime before my other bass arrives, my first time using a rack and I get hooked on watching youtube videos with the different options. I got lucky with the pic. Its just the sun shinning in a room, I put the pic I took off of my cell put it on the computer and lightened it up, was amazed how good it looked, I don't have any drum lights. Not yet anyway :) Thanks for the comments.