View Full Version : Adding drums to kit

04-29-2020, 10:00 PM
I have the 4 drum ď bopĒ kit. Iíve had lots of kits over the past46
years and this kit is well worth the money. I would like to expand
It by adding a 12Ē rack Tom. Is it possible to buy a single Roadshow
Drum? I canít find any info.; so I think not.
If anybody has a 12Ē Charcoal Metallic for sale please let me know.
If someone has a Tom holder to fit it; Iíll be interested in the as well.

04-30-2020, 07:46 AM
Welcome to the forum Phil.

You can order Roadshow drums separately according to the 2020 price list. You just need to contact a reliable drum store (like Forks; Drum Center of Portsmouth; Drums on Sale; etc) and have them order from Pearl. Looks like you can choose a 12x8 or a 12x9 tom for your kit. Looks like #706 is your wrap color (Charcoal Metallic). I'm not sure which tom arms came with the Roadshow kit; but any Pearl tom holder will work for you as they are all based on a 7/8" pipe diameter (70 series; 88 series; 900 series; 1003 series).