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11-08-2019, 10:05 AM
Hi All –
I was going to add this to my previous post on my custom logo head (because I have had two more made since then). However, based on all of the threads, I decided to give an overall update on my CB experience since buying them in 2016.

History: The only reason I bought this kit was impulse. I am a gear junkie, and it was Mike’s kit from the 2016 Garth Brooks tour that turned me on to a lighted kit. At the time I was pretty much retired, just doing random shows and studio projects as a hired gun – and I used my masterworks for that all that stuff.

In 2017 The Tramps had a reunion show of all original members. It was supposed to just that – one show. I decided it would be fun to use the CB (and had Vintage make me a new logo head – it came out great!). Well, the show went far better than expected, and the next thing I know we are running around all over the place again. People loved the look of the kit, so even though I read all of the posts regarding cracks/etc, I decided to go for it (albeit with everything double cased – bags inside of hard cases).

So, last Friday we finished this years run to a packed house with our looooooong time pals The Freddy Jones Band (and another killer new logo head – we “updated the brand” whatever that means….). My CB kit has probably 50 shows under its belt, and it has been loaded/unloaded in and out of trucks many more times than that. Other than the known issue with the tension rods (adding nylon washers really helped) the only other problem I had was with random lugs and floor tom leg mounts coming loose. I spent an afternoon putting blue loctite on everything and haven’t had any issues since (its been 18 months).

Other than that, not a single crack or issue. The kit has held up really well – still looks new. More importantly, it sounds very very good. I consistently get compliments from sound guys on how good they sound.

Here are some pics. The pics with the brush stroke font logo are the more recent.

Thanks again to Shawn from Vintage Logos for the heads. He is the man!

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Great kit!
Shawn @Vintage Logo's is great - we use him alot!

11-08-2019, 12:52 PM
That kit looks wicked on stage! Awesome!

11-11-2019, 04:30 AM

Do you have pics and specs for that turquoise kit with the rocket toms and sub kick?