View Full Version : Took the little guy out

01-14-2018, 08:26 PM
Used the Midtown for an acoustic show with my two singers. I had planned on using a cajon based kit with the Pearl Inner Circle, Meinl direct drive cajon pedal, and Meinl cajon snare, but they insisted that i use "the baby kit". And I'm glad they did. The kit worked out perfectly. I used hot rods for the first set since the snare was loud for the room, but once the room filled up, I switched to regular sticks. Love the kit!

I use the 150 series flat based hardware, with a dogbone and cymbal holder for an additional crash. Cymbals are 13" Sabian Paragon hats, both 16" Sabian Paragon crashes from the full set, and Sabian AAX Metal ride. I thought the ride might be too heavy, but it performed admirably .