View Full Version : New Reference Pure Bass Drum: First Impressions.

06-03-2015, 07:09 PM
My new reference pure bass drum in natural maple came today. I have a standard reference kit with 24x18, 16x16, 14x14, and 12x9 drums in root beer fade.

I wanted to have a different kick drum just to have a different flavor for different styles so I went with the 20x16 when i saw one at a great price.

Out of the box I barely did much tubing, just a quick check for any obvious uneven lugs before setting it up with my kit in place of my 24. Just using the stock reference heads without a port or muffling.

I was surprised to see how big the sound could be for a much smaller drum. When you really thump the pedal, you get a really nice thump will a good, but tight sounding low end slap. I do like the quick response and tighter feel of the batter head. It's a little easier to rock.

The only thing i noticed was the volume. When I was really grooving I couldn't hear the bass drum as well with my cymbals and other drums. I'm not sure of that's just the nature of the smaller drum or if the pure doesn't project as much towards the player so it's just as loud behind the kit. When I have more money I am going to get a couple toms and have a pure bop kit as an alternate to the reference and will probably blend together a bit better than my standard ref kit.

It's going to take some time to find the right head combo for my foot, but it's definitely a nice alternative to the 24. I don't like having a lot of muffling in the drum so I'm going to try the same setup I have on my 24 tomorrow and see how it flies. Normally use a ps4 batter, emad or coated ps3 with port for reso, with an emad dampener pad BARELY touching the batter head for a little tighter response. With the 24 I get a great open drum sound with a good low end slap. I'm gonna try that tomorrow, I have also heard that a fiber skin reso works well on a 20.

Either way I am excited for my new drum!

06-03-2015, 07:26 PM