View Full Version : Anyone know any drumliner's who've moved to Australia?

05-20-2012, 08:12 AM
Hi Guys,

First post here. Have used this amazing resource many times, but now I am after something so specific need to post!

I am the director of a Australian Drumline called D2. We are not amazing by US standards, but we are pretty much trail-blazers down here. I am not going to claim that we are the only line, or the best or anything along those lines, but we are one of the few and definitely one of the better ones. We have recently landed some endorsements (which is a big deal down here because it is such a small market!) and are playing some pretty ace gigs. We are getting a lot of recognition in the industry for our work in education as well as some of the shows we have played.

What I am wondering, is if anyone around here knows of any experience drumliners who have moved down under? We are running a National Camp for schools and the general public and currently the only instructors on board are my crew. We are really after some guys with a tad more experience who can help lead the way and teach us a thing or two as well as the guys attending the camp. They do not necessarily have to be experienced instructors but just guys who have played in good lines who are willing to help where they can. There are a couple of DCI cats down here I have been in touch with (Kyle Davis, Matt Cocking, Mark Spence), but unfortunately it appears none are available for the weekend we need them.

Does anyone know if any guys who have moved down under who they could put me in touch with at all? Otherwise, does anyone have any general advice for running camps?

Thanks in advance guys :)


PS... will be posting this on a few boards... so sorry if you are on a few and see double ups!