View Full Version : MulTiPerc Summer Percussion Camp 6/15-6/18

05-21-2011, 09:55 AM
Visit http://www.multiperc.com/summerpercussioncamp for more information and to register today!

Mars Hill College will be hosting the MulTiPerc Summer Percussion Camp led by Dr. Brian Tinkel ((Caption Head of the Cavaliers Drum and Bugle Corps) from Wednesday, June 15th through Saturday June 18th. This four-day camp is for high school and middle school students interested in furthering their skills and knowledge in percussion arts. The camp is designed to develop the mental and physical aspects of percussion performance through Technique, Reading, and Musicianship. Emphasis is placed on establishing a positive attitude, leadership skills, and a uniform playing style. Students will have the opportunity to learn in a group setting similar to what they experience in most high school band activities.

A team of respected percussion educators and clinicians will be offering masterclasses including sessions on basic fundamentals such as stick or mallet selection, grip maintenance, tuning and posture. Students will be instructed in two and four mallet techniques through performance of scales, basic exercises, and standard literature. Students will learn fundamentals with the aid of an exercise packet and corresponding assignments, which will serve as a great reference manual for individual practice and group instruction. Uniform sticking, dynamic control, use of various playing zones, and sound production are just some of the skills emphasized. Proper rehearsal technique, use of the section leader, and a positive mental attitude are stressed.

Clinics and masterclasses dedicated to drum set, world percussion, concert/orchestral percussion, and percussion ensemble will be offered. Private instruction (one-on-one lessons) will be available for sign up. In addition, concerts presenting a variety of percussion repertoire including literature for marimba, multiple percussion, and chamber percussion ensemble will be performed.