View Full Version : Double Pedal ?, Al or someone at Pearl maybe?

06-06-2010, 12:38 AM
Ok, a few years back (06 i think) i upgraded finally from an old 800 series, 2nd from the top line (bought in 92-93 i think) double pedal to a Elim Powershifter P122TW.

Now, granted i dont have the practice time i did back then, but i have better pedals. For some reason it seems my triplets on a snare/crash stroke seem hard to do. I can do a roll pretty easy going into it (4 to 5 notes) but the simple 3 note stroke seems to elude me.

All this talk about short vs. long boards got me thinking. How long were the older style pedals? I do remember NOT liking that era's 900 series top line cause it seemed the foot boards were MUCH shorter and it took a LOT more effort, at least on the one i tried back then.

Since i dont know anyone who has them to test in person (saw one on eBay for $169 'vintage' lmao), but am i crazy?

So, what is the length of that old style vs. the Elim's? Also, if the Elim is shorter, would putting it in the rear position emulate the older style?

Old style:


That being said, please do not harp on my style or technic, or say that im doing something wrong, or what have you. If you cant answer the question, dont post, or just stick to the topic please :)

06-06-2010, 10:03 AM
Well hmm... i adjusted the boards this morning and found that i had them two notches forward. Pulled it all the way back and man what a difference. Funny how things become memory even after almost 20 years. They just felt perfect. Cant say it fixed the triplet problem, but my right foot is much more consistent and even faster notes have the same power. I almost couldnt play them in this position when i first got them, took too much effort (?) but feels perfect now!