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02-21-2010, 07:49 PM
Hey guys. I'm new here and I would love some advice etc.

Ok, so I'm a freshmen currently and obviously I'll be a sophmore next year. I'm currently playing timpani for indoor and I did bass and gong for the Marching Band season.

Band camp starts somewhere around Late July early August. Therefor tryouts are sometime before then and I suppose I have a decent amount of time.

The question of this post is I need things to practice, tips that any of you may have, things I SHOULD know to tryout, things that might help me get in ( impressing the director ), Books, Exercises, Music readings tips ( I'm not the best reader but I can read ),or even some simple stick tricks.

I'm not the best snare player but I'm not the worst either and I'm just going to send you the list of people to see the possibilites ( I know you don't know the names ).

Bass Line:
Bass2-Colton ( Might do snare )
Bass5-Me ( If I don't make snare )

Snare-Brett ( Will Make it )
Snare-Donny ( Will Make it )
Snare-Ryan ( Doesn't know if he will do drumline )
Snare-Colton ( Doesn't know if he will do snare )

- I want to try out for snare and the last two are the ones I have to worry about.

I want to know things that will make the odds greater if Ryan or Colton doesn't do it.

I have everything I should need. Snare, Sticks, Pads. But I also need some things to work on my left hand. And sorry this is so long.

02-21-2010, 08:30 PM
The thing about drumline is that there is a huge stress on uniformity and technique. I suggest you take some lessons or at least get together and play with some guys on the snare line just to see how things work and how your strokes should look.

02-24-2010, 05:30 AM
Any tips on building up chops or ones I should know? Things you learned you need to know when you were in it? Etc.