View Full Version : Tama Artstar II Birdseye Maple Snare Drum

03-12-2003, 12:06 PM
I have been looking for a new snare drum for awhile. I finally found one but, I didnt have the money to buy it at the time. This is a nice snare drum they stoped making about 10 years ago and I havent been able to find it. I have been looking on E-Bay they have the ever now and then. If anyon ever sees one on Ebay could u tell me its a 14x5.5 Tama Artstar II Birdseye Maple Snare Drum in the Amber finish. Theres a pic of it down their.

Also What do yall think of this Snare Drum?

If theirs no pic go here http://Tama.com/museum/frameset-snares.html 3rd pic down