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03-03-2003, 08:08 PM
Kreisbmb posted this in the rules forum but I just wanted to help him(or her) out and post it here...

I'm currently experiencing difficulties with my Bronze Pearl Sensitone Snare drum. I've only had it a few years, and as of two weeks ago it has more ping than punch. I've taken the drum to three shops in the local area, and they don't know what the problem is...HELP!!!

03-06-2003, 03:42 AM
Good day!

I made the experience you can not change much when you made your decision for a snare once. You could just change the heads and the snares. All other parts do fit together the way they were sold.

I do prefer or use Remo heads. You should use heads according to your physique. Remo also offers a Powerstroke Series. These top heads do have a dam ring included. I really do love this idea. If you do think you're not heavy enough to use Remo Powerstroke you can get the ring extra also.

The second variant is to take an other snare carpet. There are several different types of them. The main question: "How many snares do you want to listen to".

My snare is an AMATI snare drum. I bought it in Prag shortly after the wall was opened.

It stood in an Music store south of Wenzels Place in the center of Prague. It cost me about 20 $. I could not believe the price when I got in the shop first. I saw it and left the shop. I was thinking about the price on the walk back to Wenzels Place. Before I got there I turned and went back to the shop and bought it.

I was used to this brand through my drum teacher. He lend me one the first year in music school. It is been a AMATI as far as I can remember. My first kid was also an AMATI. The kid is not been so top, the snare was. When I played first I never thought I would ever have the chance to test a couple of drum manufactures. Its since 1986.

The secret on making snare drums is to do not to use so many material for it. I can say this because I did play some snares in Music stores, but nothing better than my AMATI snare.

The only thing I wish it to have this parallel lock. I surly find it better when the snare carpet is drawn over the bottom head. The contact of the ends of the carpet on the bottom head does not allow the two heads to communicate on the full range of their space. I did contact AMATI because of that but they are not making snare drums now.