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  1. Music City Custom
  2. What a great move Pearl!
  3. Barry Kerch of Shinedown
  4. Ordered my Music City Customs today!
  5. Got my Music City Customs today!
  6. Quickie video demo of the new MMCs!
  7. And the Music City Custom kit just got bigger ;)
  8. Pearl Music City Custom Reference 8 piece
  9. Barry Kerch and Shinedown on Jimmy Kimmel 04/18/16
  10. New video of the MMC's - I think I have it dialed in now!
  11. Extra Long Floor Tom Legs
  12. New Music City Custom finish: Classic Silver Sparkle
  13. Blue Abalone Snare Drum
  14. Black N' White finish
  15. Silver Sparkle finish
  16. Black Diamond Pearl finish
  17. Wes Little at Pearl HQ
  18. Mirror Chrome finish
  19. Barry Kerch's Bright Champagne Sparkle
  20. Ordering options
  21. Wes Little with a Gold Satin Moire kit
  22. The Journey of a Music City Custom Kit with Nick D'Virgilio
  23. Platinum Gold Oyster
  24. 2017 Music City Custom finishes
  25. Ordering experience for my new Black Diamond MCC kit.
  26. Tom sizes?
  27. STL tube lugs on MRV kits?
  28. The wait begins . . .
  29. MRV in matte black oyster
  30. Ordering process?
  31. Received wrong bass drum in order
  32. finishes
  33. Mike Wengren of Disturbed
  34. I love this one!
  35. MRV best head question
  36. MCC MRV without golden ratio vents?
  37. Music City Custom Drums with Nick D'Virgilio
  38. MCC Available in Canada Yet?
  39. MCC Reference Snare Drum