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  3. Need help with pearl forum kit
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  6. i have a pearl forum series kit and i have a question...
  7. Pearl Forum series Update
  8. Wood vs. Metal Hoops
  9. Thanks Mods
  10. Painting my forums, pics & process inside
  11. Bass Drum Ports
  12. Questions on my Pearl Forum FZ
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  14. Help me choose new heads?
  15. Think before you buy a Forum
  16. What year did the forums change bass size?
  17. Difference between Forum and Export?
  18. Selling Forums
  19. My Bass Drum
  20. Time for New Wrap
  21. My New Taye Tourpro
  22. Pearl Forum FZ725F Tuning Issue
  23. How Good Is A Forum Kit?
  24. Small update on my kit now that the refinish is done
  25. What's the best bass drum head set-up for 22X16 drum?
  26. Trick Dominator Pedal
  27. New tom arrives!!---No arm...
  28. Refinished forum!
  29. 4um
  30. Picture Time!
  31. Pearl Forum FZ725F White with black HW
  32. I Love my Forums!
  33. pics of new forum double bass
  34. Update: 15 pc. Forum with cymbals
  35. Changed my Setup again...
  36. Upgrading to new kit
  37. tom tuning
  38. 18" floor tom?
  39. My 6-piece Carbon Red Forum
  40. New guy here !
  41. Pearl Forum FZ725F White with black HW (NEW PICTURES)
  42. Forums Being Discontinued?
  43. How much are my forums worth?
  44. Olive green pearl forum with Zildjian cymbals
  45. help me for more upgrades
  46. My Pearl Drum Kit
  47. Another New Guy here
  48. Introduction and a question
  49. Pearl Target drum Kit.
  50. questions about my new pearl forum fz
  51. Pearl delivery times.
  52. Upgrading Forum-- what's best approach??
  53. New Heads
  54. New Guy....well kid actually
  55. My kit
  56. Forum kit in carbon fibre finish - is it rare?
  57. Jazz Heads for the Forum kit
  58. New Cymbals
  59. Muffling the Forum Bass Drum
  60. Which is better??
  61. Forums?good or bad??
  62. My forum kit!
  63. Pics of your pearl targets plsss""""""
  64. Just picked up my Forum
  65. when is cold too cold?
  66. Pearl Forum or Sonor Force 507 Stage 1 Brushed Blue?
  67. Are today's fz's just like the exports?
  68. My Forum kit
  69. Pearl Forum 5 piece
  70. ...another FX!
  71. Anyone who still thinks Forum series is just for beginners...
  72. Cheapest place for heads on the internet?
  73. best head setup for my forum fz all around the kit?
  74. My Forums/EX
  75. FX revisited and refinished!
  76. Question About Forum Tom Arms
  77. My Kit
  78. New Guy
  79. Hi-Hat Stand Question
  80. Pictures of my Forum kit!
  81. My Pearl Forums - Rims Mounts - FF Snare
  82. My Awesome Pearl Forum!
  83. My Forums with Z3's
  84. Forum/Export color question
  85. Gong Drum?
  86. Tell me what you think about this Pearl forum kit.
  87. My Pearl Forum with Sabian Cymbals
  88. Fx series
  89. New forum kit?
  90. New heads, cymbals?
  91. need help with pearl forun wrap
  92. Evans EC2 SST Clear Heads
  93. Old Forums--New Simmons
  94. My (maybe soon to be ex) Pearl Forum kit
  95. Check out my forum kit ;)
  96. My Double Bass Pearl Forum Kit (with a bit of back story!)
  97. **need a 8"tom # 98 Charcoal Metallic **
  98. Pearl Forum repair and restore
  99. 14x14 floor tom??
  100. Forum Set problems
  101. Pearl Optimounts
  102. Pearl Center Stage drum kit?
  103. BB-70 masking plate
  104. My Pearl Forum Double Bass Set
  105. Forum Fixing
  106. Add on toms a waiting
  107. New Guy. Old Forum.
  108. Pearl Forum Olive Green 5pc.
  109. Its not a forum but it is an add on floor tom
  110. Forum Help
  111. Another Newbie question... sorry.. ;)
  112. My Setup, Just added a 26 inch Kick
  113. New development on drum heads that ship with pearl toms (?????)
  114. what creates the sound
  115. Recovering Shells
  116. My Refurbished Forum Kit
  117. Another "What are they worth?" question..
  118. A Song I worote about web forums
  119. my double bass forum :)
  120. 10" drum
  121. Another 8pc forum kit... but its mine
  122. Forum weird sizes?
  123. what year is this Pearl Forum drum?
  124. Kids' Drum set
  125. How much is this worth?
  126. Moved my 8 pc forum kit around a bit
  127. REMO heads only
  128. My forum kit.
  129. New pics of my Pearl Forum kit (go on, have a look)
  130. My Forum drum kit
  131. Pearl Forum (made in Taiwan?)
  132. Used Forums for a new drummer
  133. Forum 8" Tom
  134. The Forum isn't a kid's set, is it?
  135. My Forum Kit(looking to sell)
  136. Looking for extra drums
  137. For your Consideration; My Forum Set up :D
  138. Would this Forum be worth it?
  139. Taking Wraps off of Drums?
  140. New Heads
  141. pearl forum limited edition?
  142. what color is this forum?
  143. What time period could these be from ?
  144. Looking for the perfect sound
  145. Tom mounting bracket removal
  146. back in to the drumming seen after 35 years
  147. Where to find Forum bass drum?
  148. Forum at a blues club?
  149. Question about 90's-2000 era forum series
  150. New Heads, Weird Sound
  151. What model were the claw hooks on the Fourm FZH series drum kits
  152. My rebuilt kit from 15 years ago
  153. Hardware on Forum Drums: Sturdy?
  154. What type hoops for forum ? 1.6m ?
  155. Introducing myself...
  156. Double Bass/7-piece Pearl Forum FZ refurbish.
  157. Beginner Drum Set for the people who enjoy hard and heavy metal music
  158. New Guy. My Forum Set !
  159. Adding a rack tom
  160. Added a 14" Floor Tom very cheaply.
  161. Zildjian Z Custom original series china
  162. Anything new for Christmas ???
  163. Getting back into the swing of things.
  164. Hi. I am new to all of this.
  165. Early 80's 9 piece Professional DX Drum set
  166. New Exports Are The Old Forums.
  167. My Escape From All This Political Garbage !
  168. Sad, forgotten, un-loved Forum.
  169. Another Forum for restoration.
  170. Value: Used set with cymbals/accessories
  171. Looking for forum style lugs