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  1. PEARL ePRO!!!
  2. Want an e-Pro Avatar?
  3. 30 Days...
  4. E-pro O_o
  5. Pearl’s NEW e-Pro Live
  6. Way to go Pearl
  7. R.E.D. box Kits!!!
  8. conversion kits?
  9. E-Pro Site
  10. Epro Price..
  11. e-Pro Product Page on pearldrum.com
  12. What wood are the shells made of???
  13. Ask Away - Answers to your ePro Questions!
  14. E-Pro 2.0
  15. *NEW* E-PRO Live videos
  16. Just got back from namm (e-pro-live drums)
  17. Epro Tru Trac Heads?
  18. e-Pro Live Awarded Best In Show @ NAMM!
  19. weight and movability of E Pro Live ?
  20. VERY important question for the Pearl design team
  21. Omar Hakim is a Pearl-guy, right...?
  22. Pearl E-Pro a disappointment
  23. Well that's embarrassing, Pearl.
  24. Retro-fit?
  25. Acoustic volume?
  26. RED Box USB Question
  27. I heard a rumor...
  28. Hello From Steven Slate
  29. I bought BFD two weeks ago...
  30. When is the Pearl E Pro available in store?
  31. roland mesh head for 2box
  32. Some quick tunes made with SSD EX
  33. Welcome Bob Sabellico... e-Pro Live Specialist
  34. My questions, summarized
  35. New E Pro Video available on You Tube
  36. Questions About E-Pro Live
  37. ePro Live Contest - US ONLY?
  38. RED Box Sound Shop?
  39. New E Pro Video on YouTube
  40. Another video is available on YouTube
  41. Epro's Landing Soon Excited or Otherwise
  42. New E Pro Video " Picante"
  43. Drum Amplifier's?
  44. E Pro Live Video with Toontrack sounds
  45. E Pro arrives !!!!
  46. Sample Reinforcement/Replacement
  48. I believe I have found.....
  49. Slate Digital Trigger EX
  50. Possibly the first question under this section?
  51. In Stores 8/06/10
  52. E Pro Live / Acoustic setup on the gig !
  53. Finally it arrives !!
  54. The e-Pro Live kit has left the building...
  55. Buying individual toms?
  56. I played an E-pro today.
  57. How to get the best RedBox demo !!!!
  58. REd Box Sound Shop
  59. RedBoxSoundShop.com is LIVE!
  60. NEW Kits @ RedBoxSoundShop.com
  61. My new Pearl E-Pro Live!
  62. e-Pro Components
  63. Redbox PAYPAL?
  64. I now own an E-Pro Live!
  65. My Copy Of Superior Drummer 2.0 Came In Today
  66. I ordered an E-Pro
  67. Accessory pieces for kits
  68. E-Pro Live vs. The DIY Conversion
  69. The "sound" of e-Pro
  70. DangerSounds song using Superior Drummer 2.0!!!!!
  71. roland cymbals on the epro?
  72. New "random grooves" video demoing Superior 2.0 on TD-12 kit
  73. so i picked up an epro...
  74. ToonTrack Question
  75. epro hi hat trigger double triggers?
  76. First experience- Not impressed
  77. Wolfcrusher - EZ Drummer With Drumkit From Hell
  78. Setting up accessory inputs for chokeable Crash on the Pearl Redbox
  79. Slate Drums vs. Slate Trigger
  80. E-pro Killer?
  81. ePro pads to be sold separately? (video)
  82. Just got the E Pro! My thoughts...
  83. New to Forum AND Epro Live
  84. Does the Epro come with resonant heads?
  85. When are the add ons coming?
  86. iPod input?
  87. Cross-sticking
  88. My epro thoughts
  89. Double trigger rimshot?
  90. Bob, I have a lush-kit question.
  91. New Kit on Red Box Soundshop !
  92. Throne Thumpers & Drum Monitors are shipping NOW!
  93. Test of Time - NEW at RedBoxSoundShop.com
  94. Erasing the lush kit and restoring original settings
  95. Tommy Lee ditches his DW for E- Pro Live
  96. gigging with electronic drums.
  97. Mike Mangini using ePro Triggers
  98. Epro Live Issues
  99. Should I or Not???
  100. Tommy Lee's new kit
  101. Epro live is just a few weeks away
  102. Mike Mangini Reference Pure Page
  103. can't upload purchased kit on the module
  104. TruTrac heads for Purchase???
  105. My review on the ePro
  106. Firmware Updates
  107. Will e-pro be bring out other drum sizes for the kit?
  108. Redbox Videos are available
  109. EPRO rack system
  110. Additions to the sounds
  111. How to change rim sounds?
  112. E- PRO/Red Box problem??
  113. Epro to Garageband
  114. Vote for e-Pro Live for Product of the Year
  115. HiHat miss trigger
  116. Uploading own samples into Redbox?
  117. Tom Rim Triggers aren' working
  118. e-Pro Live Drums and Drumometer!
  119. R.E.D.box, Velocity from a Cymbal Switch Zone
  120. E-PRO sale price
  121. $500 Instant Rebate on any e-Pro Live kit!!
  122. Is is possible to buy Epro heads? RE:Tommy Lee's kit
  123. One week till mangini / collins clinic!
  124. e-Pro Live kit at PASIC...
  125. Pearl listened.......tru-trac heads will be available separately.... watch video
  126. help in saving edited kits
  127. NAMM 2012 & ePro Live?
  128. Play-a-long & recording question
  129. Anyone using Steven Slate Drums and E-pro? Hi-Hat issues?
  130. Tru Trac Pack - Acoustic to Electronic Conversion
  131. e-Pro Live and Tru Trac Pack at the 2012 NAMM Show
  132. Tommy Lee e-Pro Live desktop wallpaper
  133. Module or Triggers ? ?
  134. Double Bass e-Pro Live Kit is at Memphis Drum Shop...
  135. RedBoxSoundShop.com Announcement Coming Soon...
  136. Tru Trac Product Page
  137. How to mount a Pearl Throne Thumper amp to a Pearl ICON rack?????
  138. New Pearl World Series Memory Switch Kit Free !!!
  139. Head pack
  140. red box ??
  141. All Pro Percussion Tampa FL
  142. Switch Kit questions
  143. INSANE E-Pro price!! LOOK
  144. Chili drum kit
  145. Noise
  146. Word of caution for those considering TruTrac heads with other modules...
  147. A bit of help for a Technophobe!
  148. New ePro Hi-Hat Coming! Maybe??
  149. Where or how to buy a set of plastic/rubber cymbals for the pro-e?
  150. Trying/Buying Tru Trac or e-Pro in Tokyo
  151. Pad wear?
  152. Redbox Updates
  153. Size & weight of Tru Trac head package?
  154. Triggers
  155. ePro Components
  156. Epro cymbals
  157. ePro Live with Zildjian Gen 16 Cymbals?
  158. The Next Edition of E-Pro Live?
  159. Reb box Song/Seq
  160. REDbox Module question...
  161. What Pedal are others using with there epro live ?
  162. new video from i jazz -passi lior on epro-live
  163. Pearl E-Pro and Zildjian gen 16 to BFD2 - How???
  164. e-Pro Live videos
  165. YAMAHA HH135 compatible with RED box?
  166. New hi hat coming for Pearl ePro Live
  167. Redbox is now available !
  168. New Memory Switch Kits Anytime soon?
  169. Tru Trac Heads available separately in Canada?
  170. reassurance
  171. Hi hat on normal stand??
  172. decisions, decisions??
  173. Epro Live RBM20 Compatibility
  174. Red box default
  175. Redbox module and antoher hi hat control + pad + cymbal
  176. Crackle on the right channel
  177. BDF2
  178. E- classic cymbal failures
  179. Re-wrapping an ePro?
  180. Happy New Year to all ePro live users!
  181. NEW ePro Live Finishes, Hi-Hat Controler, and Tru Trac Hats
  182. E-Pro Live Software upgrade
  183. Serious Redbox malfunction HELP!!!
  184. Upgrade internal memory 128MB
  185. Bob Sabellico re Software
  186. r.e.d.box v2 update
  187. Add on Toms available NOW !!
  188. Complete Conversion Kits now available !
  189. toms
  190. True trac heads with Roland TD-8
  191. Tru Trac Variable Rim Velocity now possible!
  192. E Pro Live head pack
  193. Acoustic/Electronic hybrid kit
  194. ePro kick drum trigger has stopped working
  195. Additional Toms and Cymbals
  196. E classic or epc2?
  197. Connect E-PRO to BFD2 - What do i need?
  198. E-Pro Hi-Hat Cymbal
  199. Tru trac head pack
  200. tru trac bass drum head Question
  201. 16 inch head for kick?
  202. Roland TD-12 settings?
  203. new stuff
  204. Nicole Marcus with ePro Live...
  205. “Bye Bye Rollercoaster of Love”
  206. Purchasing brass cymbals in Aus
  207. Crash choke not working
  208. Recording software for Epro... Using USB out
  209. ePro for live gigs
  210. Red Box with Garage Band
  211. Issues with the Steven Slate Drum kit
  212. Re-wrapping my e-Pros with a vintage wrap
  213. Redbox mixer sliders "tied together?"
  214. Want to buy epro live but concerned about volume
  215. Concerned about volume of drums for apartment setting
  216. Tru Trac heads with Roland TD-12
  217. What additional cymbals can I get with my new ePro live kit?
  218. EPro Repairs
  219. Vintage black diamond pearl wrap
  220. Where to buy an OEM power adapter for REDBox?
  221. Need help with installating new firmware v2 update
  222. Ken Anthony's ePro Live kit...
  223. E Pro Live???
  224. Need advise on removing bottom drum skins/heads from epro live
  225. Tru trac bass drum protection pad
  226. SDrim trigger problem - warranty or easy fix
  227. EPro live colors
  228. Concerned about purchasing Memory switch kits
  229. Can't change midi notes for cymbals
  230. Tru-Trac conversion
  231. Added Tru Trac Bass to Yamaha kit - Love it
  232. tru trac heads and a roland module
  233. Sequences - where are they?
  234. Redbox Tip
  235. HH controller?
  236. Carbon fiber snare
  237. Tom Rim's not triggering - Bob can you help?
  238. Red Box fatal error!!
  239. E Pro drum cases
  240. Racks on wheels
  241. Adding Roland TD30 Module
  242. How do I add an additional 'ride' as a ride or crash
  243. Jamming with an iPod on the ePro
  244. How to record e-Pro Live with computer
  245. Bass Drop sound
  246. Throne Thumper max power load?
  247. e-Pro Live Cymbal Sounds
  248. VH-12
  249. e-pro expansion 14 floor/rack tom??
  250. RedBox Tech