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    Default Pearl and their resale value...

    Like most drummers I always need something new but when it comes to selling my used drums, there isn't much interest in them. I don't know if its the city I live in or if they just don't resell well everywhere. I've been trying to sell my Pearl Masters for a year or so now, not really wanting much for them but very few people seem interested. They sat in my local drum shop for a month or so and didn't sell. A buddy of mine that works at the store said his biggest problem with Pearl is the resale value. Is anyone in the same boat or is it just me? How do those that have sold drums go about it?

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    Well first off when you have your drums at a shop you really cant tell how much those guys are hucking for you and your set.
    Maybe you need to advertise more - get out there on some drums for sale forums or ebay with some pictures to get a little exposure. I really dont know what kind of area you live in but if it isnt very metropolitan you maybe not get more than a couple people here and there to even glance at them. That could take forever.

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    there are very few stores that don't mind buying a kit off of you. i managed to sell a few of my kits off ebay, a few friends i know wanted particular kits, and i managed to sell like three kits to two stores; both like 150km apart from one another, my house in the 80's-ish km mark in between. i sold the kits for like 1/6th of what i originally paid, and that's the only reason the stores accepted. all my other kits, i've kept.

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    you wont get much at a store because they still have to turn around and sell it to make some kind of profit...

    i sold a tama rockstar, 10, 12, 16, toms, 22 kick, 6 booms tands, tom stand, iron cobra pedal, and hi hat stand... for 400 dollars at a store, which sucked but 350 was what the wanted to give me, and dealing with them i got an extra 50 bucks, that helped in the perchase of my new kit.
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    I did a bunch of shopping on the Web, including eBay, before I bought my current kit. It seems like there are a lot of used kits out there that go for *really* cheap. And, specifically looking at Pearl, it seems like Pearl must sell more kits than everybody else put together, so there are lots more used Pearl kits out there than any other brand. Which is probably one reason the used prices are so cheap. Lots of supply with a smallish amount of demand will do that to prices.

    I know, for my kit, I bought it used, but it was still literally like new. One of the bass drums (I got 2 with it) and one of the toms were still new in the box with the tags and foam wrapping on them. I priced out my whole kit using prices from and I got all my stuff for about 1/2 of what it would have cost new from MassMusic. I.e. it was *cheap*! And I don't think my experience was *that* unusual. I have seen some really nice-looking kits on eBay go for similar prices to what I paid for mine.

    After my buying experience, I feel sorry for anybody who ever buys a brand new kit, unless it is the exact kit they really want and they're going to keep it for a looong time. I would probably consider buying a new Reference or Masterworks kit at some point. But otherwise, if I ever buy another kit, I would fully expect to shop around and find another used kit for cheap. OTOH, I like my Sessions kit so much, it's hard to imagine ever wanting to replace it anyway. Especially with having 5 matching toms and 2 bass drums. I might buy another kit at some point, to have two, but the kit I have seems too nice to ever sell, especially considering how little money I have in it.
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    i think y ou have to accept your not gonna sell your kit and give it to me
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    Guitar Center is blowing out Masters kits now - depending on who you talk to they're clearing out old stock or they're making room for Reference kits or maybe Pearl won't be making Masters any more?

    Anyway, if I can get a new six piece kit, 22X18 plus 8, 10, 12, 14 & 16 toms for $1700, what I pay for a used Masters kit is going to be a LOT less than that.



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