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    Default The Answers to Your Export Questions

    For those of us who don't feel like writing "Search" anymore.

    1) Q: Why should I buy an Export?
    A: Because for around $750 give or take, you're getting a 5 piece set, including a snare, 800 series hardware which is double braced and extremely sturdy. The only thing you have to buy extra is a throne and cymbals.

    2) Q: Which series of Export should I get?
    A: The EX, EXR, and ELX are all basically the same set with different finishes. The EX being the cheapest of these, is a wrap finish. The EXR is a wrap finish as well, but it has nice pretty wood hoops and the finish is more "radical". The ELX is the higher up of the Export series. It has a glossy lacquer finish (for those newbies, you can see the wood grain) and wooden bass hoops. Get whatever color you like and/or your wallet can afford.

    3) Q: What heads should I use on my Export?
    A: Good lord, I hate this question. It's a matter of personal preference, however I find that double ply coated heads cut the nasty overtones out nicely and leave a clear, crisp sound. Evans G2 Coateds achieve this very nicely, and most will agree that Evans has superior double ply technology over Remo. Anyway, Remo Emperor Coateds are the "equivalent" of the G2s.

    If anyone has any other FAQs to add, feel free. Also, if you would like to elaborate on one of my questions, that's fine too.
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