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    Default Putting together and ECX Export Custom microkit! Need one more drum!

    So I came across some ECX toms on eBay and got the great idea of putting together a microkit. I got a 16x16 and 8x10 in Lava Red for around $200. Not bad for 100% maple shells! I need one more tom to complete it, however, either a 9x12 or 10x12 to use as the low tom. I did some research, and found that these drums are pretty rare, as Pearl only made them for one year, just prior to the VMX line.

    A) Does anyone have a Lava Red ECX 9x12 or 10x12 they would be willing to part with?
    B) Could one of the Pearl staff chime in and let me know if I could still order this?
    Micro Kit: (Lava Red ECX) - 8x10, 10x13, 16x16 w/ Optimounts & Die Cast Hoops
    Regular Kit: (Gun Metal Sparkle) - 8x12, 12x14, 18x22
    Snares: (Natural Maple) 6x10, (Amber Maple) 7x12
    Sabian Cymbals / LP Percussion / Pro Mark Sticks & Mallets / Evans Heads

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    Don't have any of those for sale but I had the same idea and bought several pieces seperately to complete a lava red ECX kit: 20" bass, 10, 13, 16" toms. I could have picked up a 12" at the time for a 5 pc set, but didn't. That lava red is beautiful and the kit sounds substantially like my Pearl Masters set. It ought to, the shells are the same 100% maple. The hardware is not Masters quality, it's stamped and thin, but looks like the Masters type. So it's a great bargain for SST maple shells. All I have to do is change the heads once I've worn them out, and that won't be long. Rock ON with the ECX Pearls in LAVA RED!


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