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Thread: Zildjian Edge

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    Default Re: Zildjian Edge

    Originally posted by the drum man
    Does anyone know where i could find a 20" Zildjian edge ride in the uk? My school has a set from the 'EDGE' range but i cannot seem to find them, i think they're discontinued.
    I use a Zildjian Edge ride. And it's a good loud ride. The thing with my Edge ride is I might have a proto-type model or something, because most of the time I see the rides they say "Solid Ride" ... my ride says "Solid Rock Ride".

    The series was only avaible for 2 maybe 3 years.
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    heres what you do you break into your school on the weekend and take em hahahaha.

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    someone at my school stole a really nice piccalo snare and A custom crash
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    hahaha Nice

    my stepbrother stole me a 14'' Zildjian Scmitar Bronze Top hihat

    it sounds nice haha but i dont really use it much anymore
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    people that steal are some of the lowest people on earth, can't work for anything they have to steal it , i think if you are cought stealing you should be killed
    Danny Carey is related to me, my brother in laws cousins ,uncle, is danny carey how cool is that!!!

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    yeah I hate thiefs. My band director gives me old stuff.

    I got some old stuff. marching quads/snare/bass

    he loves to give away old heads....
    i take em just so he stops asking and use em for frisbees

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