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    Question Case/s for Rhythm Traveler?

    I have the Rhythm Traveler set which I love. It's great to have such portability without sacrificing sound! And the muffle heads... even better. My practice sessions don't have to disturb the neighbors - save that for band rehearsals Now my band has usually driven to shows since I joined, but we're talking about doing a show in LA and perhaps going up the west coast (we're on the east coast). So obviously, this means flying.

    Does anyone have any ideas on case/s for the Rhythm Traveler kit? I don't really want to get individual cases since that would sort of defeat the point of this drumset, would cost as much as the kit itself, and would not fit well since the shells are so shallow. Ideally, I'd love to get the drums in one case (like a deep bass drum case), and a bag or trap case for the hardware. Pearl used to make a bag specifically for this kit, but stopped making them.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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    Cases for a Rhythm Traveler? This totally defeats the purpose of this kit!
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    Just buy some Beato bags. You should be able to get the whole kit in two bags.


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