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    Default Inverted China Question

    I just bought a Sabian HH 18" Thin China for $63 (US $37) including shipping (quite a bargain) and I have a few questions. I know you're meant to invert the cymbal so that the rim is downturned (so you don't ruin your sticks) but when I do this, the china always tilts too much downward and it doesn't wobble around quite as much as when I hit it (as opposed to hitting it the normal way). This makes the cymbal lose heaps of power and attack, and makes me want to hit it the opposite way, even if it will destroy my sticks. Is there any solution to this? Thanks.

  2. Paiste-oholic

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    You could get a HVY Duty Aquarian Cymbal Spring (yellow). I use them,and they allow the cymbal to "breathe" a little more, while actually keeping the cymbal in place.

    I've used Springs on all my Crashes and Chinas since 1996,and I love 'em!

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    Mount your china whichever way you want to, there's no rule. The downside of mounting it lip upward is that the edge is exposed to direct hit. This, and the minor stick shredding issue, can be avoided by tilting the china enough to get a similar impact angle as with turkish style cymbals.

    If you want to mount the china lip down, you need to tighten it down more than you would normally. Not as much as to kill its movement, just enough to support it better. Some Aquarian cymbal springs could be the ticket as well.
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