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    Default Pearl free floating brass piccolo snare - reviews?

    Im looking at grabbing a 3x14 Pearl free floating brass piccolo snare but i have never used one and i am buying it online. Does anybody have any experience with this drum or s similar model? thanks

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    Nice snare, was my main snare for a decade. Piccolo's have fallen out of favor though. It's a LOUD, clean, bright, tremendous rimshots and very sensitive that's doesn't give much in the way of sympathetic you're kit comes across very clean.

    I personally now like a bit of a warmer/grittier sound...but I won't ditch my FF brass piccolo.

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    I've also used this as my main snare for years. Very versatile, tight it's just loud and the crack cuts through! Tune it lower and the body is anything but shallow! You'll be very happy with it!
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